Dua counts sheep before sleep. After jumping the fence, the littlest sheep, Tekila, runs away. Now Dua must chase the runaway!
Get ready for a fast-paced, magical combat/comedy game battling fearsome zombie hordes! Accompanied by delightful flute melodies and compelling narration, you will gain new skills as you progress...all the better to clean out the monster-strewn maps throughout the game!
There is a wide range of difficulty settings from Invincible (piece of cake) to Hard mode (which will definitely make you sweat)!
If you have a friend and a second gamepad, why not let them join the adventure on your couch? You can teach the meddling zombies a lesson together! On local co-op, Player 1 handles everything from combat to interactions, while Player 2 supports on combat.
After you finish the game, you unlock New Game+... a good time to try the game with a higher difficulty mode! Your skills, maximum Health and Mana will remain at the same level as you finished the first game. Plus: this time you’ll be able to read the poems on your merry way!
If you have a couple of hours to KILL, dive into Run Tekila Run! Dua is desperately in need of your assistance!!

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